Perspectives - Valued Employees - Self-fulfillment

What makes us the hidden champion in Hohenlohe and otherwise also so unique is that we recognize, maintain and continue to develop the existing skills and qualifications of our employees. We not only ask things of you, we also support you!
To this end, we offer you extensive internal and external training opportunities:

• Targeted specialized seminars
• Complete retraining programs
• Promotion of individual skills through individual seminars and language courses

Conversations between employees and managers are a prerequisite and basis for successful cooperation. We conduct annual staff appraisals, because conversations build bridges between people. And besides that, we always have an open ear for your concerns and help you continually within our means.

We provide intensive support for new employees through the trial period. Our team guide / business guide will give you a great deal of useful information about issues relating to the company and your job, which facilitates the orientation and training for you.

We have also introduced a sponsor program with great success. During the initial time at a new company, you are pelted with numerous impressions: new colleagues, new corporate structures and processes, a completely new job.

With our sponsor program, we want to support you in this very important entry and training phase and provide you with a personal sponsor. Our sponsor program is based on the fact that the sponsors can share their experiences with the new employees and that they are available as helpers with assistance and advice. It is all about familiarizing you with the corporate culture and the corporate structures and introducing you to all teams, departments and contact partners. The aim of our sponsor program is a rapid and successful integration of new colleagues into the company.

Mr. Alexander Thomas

Your contact person:

Mr. Alexander Thomas

Head of HR

Phone: +49 7940 9126-0