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PVS Plastics Technology Corp. celebrates its 20th anniversary and expands production capacity.

2024 is a special year for PVS Plastics Technology Corp. The company is celebrating its 20th anniversary, looking back on its many accomplishments, and looking forward to its many growth opportunities.

Inauguration of the third production hall

Together with the 20th anniversary celebrations, PVS Plastics Technology Corp. is celebrating the inauguration of a third production hall at the Huber Heights site on June 21st, together with customers and business partners. There will be a big party for the employees and their families the following day. The new production hall was built within a year and offers an impressive production area of 14,450 square feet. This expansion enables the company to further expand its production capacity and work even more efficiently.

New US site in Johnson City, TN

A few weeks ago, PVS Plastics Technology Corp. started production at an additional US site.  The Johnson City, Tennessee, plant strengthens the company's presence in the USA and enables it to serve its local customers even better.

From humble beginnings to significant growth

The company began 20 years ago with just two injection molding machines in part of a rented building. Today, PVS Plastics Technology Corp. has more than 25 injection molding machines on about 130,000 square feet of production space. This impressive development shows the continuous growth and expansion of the company. With locations in Huber Heights, OH and Johnson City, TN, PVS Plastics Technology Corp. is well positioned to serve its customers in the U.S. and Mexico. This strategic positioning allows the company to be flexible and responsive to customer needs. The management of PVS Plastics Technology Corp. has also evolved. Once led by an all-German management team, there is now a strong US management team leading the company successfully into the future. From a single customer in one industry, PVS Plastics Technology Corp. has evolved into a company that serves many customers in multiple industry segments: automotive, medical, outdoor consumer products and HVAC. This diversification underscores the company's versatility and adaptability.

About PVS

The PVS Group, with around 500 employees worldwide, is a leading manufacturer of sustainable and environmentally friendly high-tech plastic solutions. The company is headquartered in Germany and has subsidiaries in Hungary and China in addition to its two US plants. The PVS Group produces around 100 million plastic parts per year: plastic-coated stators, rotors and stator segments, fan wheels and technical components. The company supplies customers from the aerospace, medical technology, automotive, IT and telecommunications, robotics and industrial drive and ventilation technology sectors. PVS supports its customers right from the design phase, creates prototypes and sample parts for installation and validation purposes and produces the ordered items, utilizing state of the art production equipment as well as three-shift operation.

PVS Plastics Technology Corp.
6290 Executive Blvd.
Huber Heights, OH 45424
phone +1 937 233 4376

For further information and inquiries, please contact Rich Tursic, CEO: r.tursic@pvs-plastics.net.


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