Fruits and vegetables for kids

Healthy nutrition is important and that is why PVS supports the EU School Fruit Program for the daycare centers in Niedernhall.

Since September 2020, the daycare centers in the town of Niedernhall have been participating in the "EU School Fruit Program" of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Rural Areas. The kids in Niedernhall receive a portion of fruit or vegetables once a week - free of charge. The educators cut the fruit and vegetables and add them to their snack or lunch. This gives around 190 children in Niedernhall access to fresh fruit and vegetables. The fruits and vegetables are exclusively from the region and the children always receive seasonal products.

The European Union covers around 75% of the costs of the school fruit program. The remaining amount is covered by sponsors - and in Niedernhall these are the companies PVS and BTI.

We are pleased that with this program we can contribute to healthy nutrition and thus also to the healthy development of children.


Beate Schinko | Marketing


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